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Monday, November 12th 2018

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YVR." - Chris Myden

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Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan - $620 CAD roundtrip including taxes | non-stop flights on ANA

Tokyo, Japan

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has dropped the price of their non-stop flights from Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan down to $620 CAD roundtrip including taxes.

The flights are in and out of Tokyo's Haneda airport (HND) - the one that's close to downtown Tokyo.

ANA was ranked #3 worldwide in this year's airline rankings.

You can also find 1-stop flights from Victoria (YYJ) to Tokyo (HND) on the same dates for $636 CAD roundtrip.

You may also be able to find 1-stop flights from Vancouver (YVR) to Osaka, Japan (KIX) for around $652 CAD roundtrip.

You can also find flights where you fly non-stop to Tokyo, and then home from Osaka (1 stop), for $649 CAD including taxes.

Availability for travel

November, December 2017 (may need to depart in November)

January, February, March, April, May, June 2018

How to find and book this deal

1. Start with Google Flights search like this one:

Google Flights: Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan

2. Click on the departure date box to open up the calendar view and look for the date combinations that are $927 roundtrip.

NOTE: In May and June look for the dates that are $1,113 roundtrip.

3. Go to Skyscanner

Search for a flight from Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan (HND)

Use the same dates you found on Google Flights.

screenshot from Skyscanner

You can also find flights where you fly non-stop to Tokyo, and then home from Osaka (1 stop), for $649 CAD including taxes

1. First you may want to try finding a normal roundtrip flight to Tokyo, using the instructions above. Note the dates.

2. Go to Momondo

Change the trip type to 'Multi-City' (not available on the mobile site)

3. Search for a flight like this one:

Vancouver (YVR) to Tokyo, Japan (HND)
Osaka, Japan (ITM) to Vancouver (YVR)

^^ $649 flights, flight between Tokyo and Osaka is not included.


Vancouver (YVR) to Tokyo, Japan (HND)
Tokyo, Japan (HND) to Osaka, Japan (ITM)
Osaka, Japan (ITM) to Vancouver (YVR)

^^ $674 flights, flight between Tokyo and Osaka is included.

4. As for the dates to use, try using start and end dates that are the same as the regular roundtrip flight to Tokyo you found in Step 1.

screenshot from Momondo

You can also try:

Vancouver (YVR) to Kobe, Japan (UKB)
Tokyo, Japan (HND) to Vancouver (YVR)
^^ $649 CAD


Vancouver (YVR) to Kobe, Japan (UKB)
Kobe, Japan (UKB) to Tokyo, Japan (HND)
Tokyo, Japan (HND) to Vancouver (YVR)

^^ $674 CAD

Some info about the booking sites showing these fares

You may have noticed that the only booking sites showing these fares are ones that are generally considered the lower quality booking sites (BookAirfare, Airfare Network). I would consider Budget Air to be more of mid-level quality, and probably the best of the booking sites I've seen with this fare.

If you try Googling for reviews, you'll probably find a lot of bad reviews. Although the same can be said for even the higher quality booking sites of the world (Expedia, Priceline, etc). It's the nature of booking sites to attract bad reviews.

The reason the lower quality booking sites often have the worst reviews, is usually because they tend to use the lowest quality off-shore customer support service.

Here are some things I know to be true:

- It's not super unusual for the low quality booking sites to be the only ones offering a really cheap price on ANA flights. Or for them to offer a price that is significantly cheaper than the ANA website. I've seen this many times over the years.

- With pretty much every ANA deal I can think of, once you book through the low quality booking site, you are issued a ticket number by ANA. You can use this ticket number to check your booking directly on the ANA website and make sure all is well.

In that sense, booking a ticket through a low quality booking site is the same as booking your ticket with ANA. The booking site is just the middle man, getting ANA to issue that ticket on your behalf. It's the same ticket, and you're in the same airline reservation systems worldwide.

Assuming you never need to make any changes to your ticket, you shouldn't have to deal with the booking site from that point on.

However, the key difference between booking through a third party booking site and the airline directly is that if you ever need to deal with customer support (make changes, cancel your ticket, etc) you are forced to deal with the customer service of the third party booking site.

And as mentioned above, generally speaking, the lower the quality of the booking site, the greater the chance that the customer service experience, if ever needed, would be a bad one.

You can find some more info about booking through the third party booking sites in this article:
Third Party Airfare Booking Sites: The Power Rankings - who to trust, who to avoid

Update: It looks like Budget Air is quick at getting these tickets issued from ANA. AirfareNetwork is not as quick.

(from YYC Deals, the Calgary site)

Update 11/22 @ 1:00 PM PST - It looks like these are all gone.

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