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Sunday, October 24th 2021

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YVR." - Chris Myden

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Vancouver to Bali, Indonesia | $849 roundtrip including taxes

Bali, Indonesia

Malaysia Airlines is currently showing some Vancouver to Bali, Indonesia (DPS) airfares that are as cheap as I can recall ever seeing.

A few things I've learned about these fares so far:

- They seem to have long stopovers in Tokyo (NRT), starting at 9 hours.
- They also stopover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KUL)
- The Vancouver to Tokyo and Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur flights are actually operated by Japan Airlines, a very nice airline.
- It looks to be possible to get extended layovers in Tokyo and/or Kuala Lumpur for approximately $50 more. In theory you could visit Japan, Bali, and Malaysia on one ticket for under $900!
- Flights to Jakarta, Indonesia (CGK) may also have been affected
- These fare looks to be available on spring and summer 2014 flights.

Here's one way I've been exploring the multi-city flight possibilities...

1. Go to http://www.hipmunk.com/flights-search

2. Click on 'Multi City'

3. In the 'From' box, enter YVR::MH9769+ (note the little plus symbol)

This is an interesting feature of the Hipmunk search engine that tells it we want one or more of the legs of our journey to involve Malaysia Airlines Flight 9769 (which is actually operated by Japan Airlines). Airfares involving this flight appears to be the key to getting the cheap price.

Just to note, if you're searching for a regular roundtrip flight between Vancouver and Bali (DPS) without an extended stopover in Japan, I would probably just enter YVR, it seems to work better.

4. In the 'To' box, enter NRT for Tokyo, Japan. Let's choose August 13 as our example depart date.

5. In the second row of boxes, enter NRT to DPS, which is the flight from Tokyo to Bali. Let's use August 20, giving us a week in Tokyo.

6. In the third row of boxes, enter DPS to YVR, which is our flight home from Bali to Vancouver. Let's use August 27, giving us a week in Bali.

We end up with something that looks like this:

If you don't want to go through the trouble of entering the info above, you can use this link:


7. Now hit the Search button

Hipmunk now gets us to pick what flight we want for each leg. After you've picked all 3 legs, Hipmunk shows you where it can be booked, on a screen that looks like this:

You can try editing your search on Hipmunk to play around with different dates and destinations to see what prices come up. For this deal, I would focus on using combinations of the following destinations:

NRT - Tokyo, Japan
KUL - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
DPS - Bali, Indonesia
CGK, Jakarta, Indonesia
SIN - Singapore
BKK - Bangkok, Thailand

If you find what appears to be a good airfare, perhaps with minimal stopover time, please share your Hipmunk link, either by commenting below, or copying & pasting it in the YVR Deals Facebook Group, or contacting me through the contact form. By sharing what you find, it greatly helps out your fellow traveler.

Some more example searches:

Vancouver to Jakarta, Indonesia - April 9 to April 23 - $813 CAD roundtrip including taxes

Vancouver to Bangkok, Thailand - August 04 to August 28 - $837 CAD roundtrip including taxes

Vancouver to Singapore - April 09 to April 20 - $842 CAD roundtrip including taxes

Vancouver to Tokyo, Tokyo to Bali, Bali to Vancouver - August 04 to August 26 - $860 CAD for all flights

Vancouver to Tokyo to Bali to Vancouver - February 26 to March 9 - $911 including taxes

Vancouver to Tokyo to Bali to Malaysia, back to Vancouver - spending a week in each place - August 06 to August 27 - $931 including taxes for all flights

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