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Sunday, September 25th 2022

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YVR." - Chris Myden

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Vancouver to Paris, and then Barcelona (or Italy, or Croatia) to Amsterdam, and then Amsterdam to Vancouver - in the $600s CAD for all 3 flights

Paris, Barcelona, and Amsterdam

Air France and KLM continue with their very significant price drops from Vancouver to Europe for spring 2016 travel.

These price drops are making for some *very* interesting multi-city prices, where you can fly to multiple cities within Europe and still keep the price very low, in the $600s CAD for all 3 flights.

These prices are also some of the best to Europe for 2016 travel from anywhere in North America. Even the Americans are jealous of these prices right now.

Even from New York City, generally the home of the craziest prices between North America and Europe, it would cost you nearly twice as much for the same trip...

From Seattle, it would be closer to $1400 CAD...


2016: January through April & into early May

(with April & early May likely being the most desirable months for most)

Update: There's one date combination from mid June to late June that works too. See below.

How to find and book these flights

1. Go to Expedia.ca

2. Click on 'Multiple Destinations'

3. Search for a flight from:

LEG #1: Vancouver to Paris, France

LEG #2: Barcelona, Spain (or Florence, Italy or Zagreb, Croatia)
to Amsterdam, Netherlands

LEG #3: Amsterdam, Netherlands to Vancouver

As for the dates to use, try:

March 30 to April 13 to April 17
April 06 to April 20 to April 24
April 13 to April 27 to to May 01
April 20 to May 04 to May 08

screenshot from Expedia.ca

4. Hit Search

The price should come up in the $600s CAD for all 3 flights.

screenshot from Expedia.ca

Update #1: November 12 @ 9:30 AM PST - There are some May & June 2016 date combinations showing up on FlightHub for $668 CAD, if you use Florence, Italy for Leg #2 when you search.

Search FlightHub the same way you did on Expedia, starting with a 'Multiple City' search.

May 30 to June 14 to June 16
June 06 to June 14 to June 16
June 08 to June 22 to June 26
June 13 to June 28 to June 30

screenshot from FlightHub:

Getting from Paris to Barcelona, Florence, or Zagreb

You'll notice that this multi-city flight does still leave you needing to get from Paris to Barcelona, Florence (aka Tuscany), or Zagreb.

Paris to Barcelona will generally be the cheapest, at around $60 to $100 CAD, usually on RyanAir or Transavia.
Note that they generally use Paris's ORY or BVA airports, which are not the same as the main international one you fly into (CDG).
example search for Paris to Barcelona

Paris to Florence would be a little more, at around $130-$150 CAD. Although you may also want to look at flying from Paris to Rome (generally quite cheap, at $60 to $80 on RyanAir or EasyJet) and then taking the train from Rome to Florence - a popular route that should only cost around $60.
example search for Paris to Florence

Paris to Zagreb would be the priciest of them all, at around $150-$250 CAD, but considering the fact that Vancouver to Croatia is generally $1200+ roundtrip on it's own, getting there and back (with Paris and Amsterdam thrown in as a bonus) for under $900 is still pretty notable.
example search for Paris to Zagreb

Substituting other Europe cities

You can also try substituting other cities in Europe for Barcelona, Florence, or Zagreb. For many of them, the price result comes up in the $700s and $800s.

Barcelona, Florence, and Zagreb are the only ones I've seen that result in a total price in the $600s.

FlightHub is showing the one involving Florence, Italy for $584 CAD including taxes for all 3 flights

screenshot from FlightHub.com

Mar 30 to April 13 to April 17 are the dates shown in the FlightHub screenshot, but the other date combinations from above seem to work as well.

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Vancouver to Florence, Italy (aka Tuscany) - $667 CAD roundtrip including taxes

Tuscany, Italy

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