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Tuesday, February 27th 2024

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YVR." - Chris Myden

COVID-19: Attempting to give the latest facts about cancelling & changing travel plans, and getting home to Canada

COVID-19 Attempting to give the latest facts about cancelling and changing travel plans

The news about COVID-19 and how it's impacting travel plans is changing by the hour.

I'll attempt to keep this article updated in regards to cancelling or changing your travel plans.

click here to read: COVID-19: Attempting to give the latest facts about cancelling & changing travel plans

List of flights in or out of Vancouver that are confirmed to have had a COVID-19 passenger on board

The Canadian government now has a database of flights with a confirmed COVID-19 passenger on board. You can sort by Flight date.

Mar 28th: Toronto to Vancouver, Air Canada flight# AC119, unknown seats (newest)
Mar 24th: Terrace, BC to Vancouver, Air Canada flight# AC8245, unknown seats (newest)

Mar 22nd: Vancouver to Calgary, Air Canada flight #AC212, rows 15-21 (newest)
Mar 21st: Vancouver to Kelowna, Westjet flight #WS3324, ALL seats (newest)
Mar 20th: Vancouver to Calgary, Air Canada flight #AC0206, ALL rows (newest)
Mar 20th: Calgary to Victoria, Westjet flight# WS195, ALL seats (newest)

Mar 19th: Toronto to Vancouver, Air Canada flight# AC101, rows 26-33 (newest)
Mar 17th: Vancouver to Calgary (YYC), Air Canada flight #AC218, rows 1-6 (new)
Mar 16th: Las Vegas to Vancouver, Westjet flight #WS1789, ALL seats (newest)
Mar 16th: Calgary (YYC) to Vancouver, Air Canada flight #AC221, rows 1-7 (new)
Mar 14th: Vancouver to Hong Kong (HKG), Cathay Pacific flight# CX837, business class

sources: Westjet COVID-19 affected flights - Government of Alberta, COVID-19 affected flights - scmp.com

Reminder: If you've been traveling outside the country (anywhere) you should be self-isolating yourself for 14 days when you return. Our government is taking steps to help us protect ourselves, but things are about a week behind where they should be. And what we do this week will define the next 6. From what I'm hearing from travelers, our airports are not yet up to par in terms of screening, or giving out info. We'll be far better off if we do the right thing ourselves *before* things become mandatory.

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Comments from Everyone Else

5 Responses to "COVID-19: Attempting to give the latest facts about cancelling & changing travel plans, and getting home to Canada "

    Has Carol been here?
       Carol on March 16th, 2020

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the info!!! Have you heard anything about making flight bookings through third party websites? I got through to the airline but the airline says I need to contact the third party, and the third party site isn’t answering.

    Has Chris Myden been here?
       Chris Myden on March 16th, 2020

    Hi Carol,

    Each third party site is kind of a case by case basis. Overall, to say that the third party sites are overwhelmed is a huge understatement. Even Expedia, who probably has the most support staff of any travel booking site, has been impossible to get a hold of. Some sites, like Expedia, have been frantically adding custom made forms that people can submit instead of calling (which I've tried to link to in the article above, when available). But unfortunately, most sites have not been able to get to that point yet.

    Has Joanna been here?
       Joanna on March 22nd, 2020

    Hi Chris,

    I booked a flight to Honolulu with Air Canada for the beginning of April through Flight Hub. They have an option to submit a cancellation and take a credit for the amount I paid minus a $25 fee. Do you happen to know if this credit will be for flight hub or will it be with Air Canada? I did notice that it says I can only have until Dec 2, 2020 to use the credit, but on the Air Canada website it says 24months from date of cancellation. As well, if the airline were to cancel my flight, would it be a direct refund or will it still be a credit? Should I wait for them to cancel my ticket?

    Thanks in advance! I've tried to scroll through all the comments here and Facebook but was unable to find an answer.

    Has Chris Myden been here?
       Chris Myden on March 23rd, 2020

    Hi Joanna,

    The policy of what the airlines are offering is changing frequently, and I think the third party websites are struggling to keep up. They are essentially just relaying what the airline is telling them.

    I would *think* that the credit is truly with Air Canada, and that Air Canada's current policy on their website would be the one that's correct.

    Has robert been here?
       robert on March 30th, 2020

    hope this situation gets better

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