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Wednesday, January 27th 2021

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YVR." - Chris Myden

Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan to Hong Kong and then back to Vancouver - $661 roundtrip including taxes

There are some pretty crazy prices floating around on a few well known booking sites involving multi-city flights from Vancouver to Tokyo to Hong Kong, and then back to Vancouver, all for under $700 including all taxes.

A word of caution up front: It's a little concerning that WebJet and CheapoAir seem to be the only booking agencies displaying these prices. Not in terms of the legitimacy of either booking agency, but just because in the past I've seen them both display prices that they couldn't really deliver on (ie, person thinks they have something booked, but they really don't, and receive a follow-up phone call/e-mail later on saying their flight couldn't be booked at X price).

So for those that take the plunge on this one, definitely wait a little while before booking any accommodations or anything that's non-refundable, just to be sure, and keep the expectations low until the dust settles.

^^ There have now been many reports of people receiving their confirmed tickets from WebJet.ca just fine when this same price drop occurred back on April 27. See Update 3 below.

Update 1 - April 27 @ 12:04 PM PST - A random check of various dates shows that this may now be sold out. The lowest prices are returning at approximately $1049 CAD.

Update 2 - April 28 @ 8:36 AM PST - Vancouver-Tokyo for $644 (non-stop both ways) is back! Screenshot from WebJet a few seconds ago: Sep 16-30 - https://www.yvrdeals.com/img/ul/ha489qcpapk0npxm.jpg - the multi-city deal (Tokyo & Hong Kong for $661) does not seem to have returned.

Update 3 - April 28 @ 11:57 AM PST - Reports of people receiving their ANA All Nippon reservation numbers for the YVR-Tokyo-Hong Kong-YVR deal via WebJet. See comment section at bottom of blog post. If you go to http://manage.webjet.com/booking-details and enter your booking reference, it should bring up the ANA reservation number.

Update 4 - April 28 @ 1:30 PM PST - Vancouver-Tokyo for $644 roundtrip looks to be gone again. $899 seems to be the cheapest available.

Update 5 - May 6 @ 9:15 AM PST - The multi-city flights are back on WebJet.ca ! And this time, they're even slightly cheaper, at $630 CAD ! If you bought them at $660 CAD, don't feel too bad about it, these things are impossible to predict, and both prices are ridiculous. There was just as good a chance that they would never return. Try the same dates as shown in Step 1 below.

screenshot from webjet.ca

How to find and book these flights...

Step 1. Go to either CheapoAir.ca or WebJet.ca and click on 'Multi-city'

(Note: Of the two, WebJet seems to be showing cheaper prices overall)

search for the following journey...

Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan (TYO)
Tokyo to Hong Kong (HKG)
Hong Kong to Vancouver

As for dates, pick Wednesday flights, between September 2015 and March 2016.

Some examples that are working as of 9 AM PST

October 7/14/21
November 4/11/18
December 2/9/16
March 2/9/16

example from WebJet.ca:

Some date combinations are returning at $661. Others at $689. October 7/14/21 is an example of one currently coming up at $661.

Update @ 10:11 AM - Some people are reporting even slightly cheaper date combinations. Sep 02 / 11 / 15 is coming up at $644 on WebJet.

Some combinations have stops.

Others have non-stop flights between Vancouver-Tokyo, and Tokyo-Hong Kong, with a stop in both Tokyo and Osaka on the way home. That's the best I've seen so far. The October dates above return such an itinerary.

Step 2. Proceed with booking

The flights are operated by ANA All Nippon, a very highly regarded airline (one of the very few to receive a 5 star rating over at Airlinequality.com).

screenshot from WebJet.ca

And of course, the number one rule, *do not call CheapoAir or WebJet, for *any* reason. They will not offer to book it over the phone, and could potentially disable the fare from being booked online, especially if it turns out to be a mistake. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by calling. That goes for all unusual fares :)

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Special thanks to Rishi 'The One' Modi for being the first to spot this deal and share it with the group.

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Comments from Everyone Else

9 Responses to "Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan to Hong Kong and then back to Vancouver - $661 roundtrip including taxes"

    Has kATHY been here?
       kATHY on April 27th, 2015

    looks like this deal is dead

    Has Saya been here?
       Saya on April 27th, 2015

    Can't find it anymore :(

    Has Lisa been here?
       Lisa on April 27th, 2015

    Confirmed, it does look to be gone, see Chris's update in the blog post.

    Has Alain been here?
       Alain on April 27th, 2015

    It's back! Kind of... We just booked a ticket for $644 for end of September, but it's round-trip from YVR to Tokyo and back, no Hong Kong multi-city flight.

    One thing to note: the confirmation email we just got mentioned "Your booking will now be quality checked and tickets issued typically within 2-3 business hours".

    Never seen that kind of message before from an airfare booking site... Hopefully they don't say it was a mistake and cancel it!

    Crossing our fingers for the next 2-3 business hours... :)


    Has Chris_Myden been here?
       Chris_Myden on April 28th, 2015

    Yeah, this is the problem with sites like CheapoAir and WebJet, where the tickets take a while to process. As opposed to sites like Expedia, Orbitz, or Priceline, where the ticket is processed immediately. Please let us know how it went!

    Has Donald been here?
       Donald on April 28th, 2015

    I booked for me and my girlfriend last night just past midnight for trip in October to Toyko and Hong Kong for $660.21 per person. Got the email from Webjet with the Webjet booking reference. Like Alain said above, it says reservations with be reviewed and tickets issued typically within 2-3 business hours. I haven't second confirmation email from Webjet with the e-ticket number so this morning, I was trying to find out the status on Webjet.ca under manage my bookings but it keeps timing out and never loads. Therefore, I went on the .com domain, "http://manage.webjet.com/booking-details", typed in my Webjet booking reference/information and I was able to see my trip has been confirmed with e-ticket numbers and ANA reservation number!
    Thanks Chris for posting this!

    Has Chris_Myden been here?
       Chris_Myden on April 28th, 2015

    Excellent, thanks for the update Donald! It will definitely help others out.

    Has Alain been here?
       Alain on April 28th, 2015

    Got it!!! $644.11 for a return trip ticket to Tokyo, end is September.

    Has Alain been here?
       Alain on April 28th, 2015

    *end of September.

    P.S.: There were 9 other tickets left at that price, last night. Good luck!

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